Ravin’wolf has been a proud supporter of many charitable groups throughout their musical careers including the World Society For The Protection of Animals, Local Homeless Shelters, Native American Communities in need and have pledged a percentage of their upcoming album sales to Luvin’ Arms Animal Sanctuary, an organization for rescued farm animal in need.

At this time we are also asking for your support for our new recording project through GoFundMe.

As artists, putting our musical souls on the line for the sake of art and freedom of expression is a risk in today’s uncertain times. During the Pandemic, there are financial, health and creative risks we take stepping out as live performers. The last 2 years have threatened our very existence as musicians. Like so many others, we have survived troubled times and emerged ablaze with a creative fire and a batch of songs of which we are very proud. 

We didn’t have much trouble dusting up a colossal collection of classic Ravin’wolf original songs but, we have found it much more difficult to scratch up the money to finish our ambitious project. Our third studio album has been long upon our musical minds. Our loyal fans have waited a long time for these songs. Now they’re finally here. 

Please consider making a small donation to contribute to our recording fund. You could be the one who kick-starts us over the top of our goal. Check out all the benefits for becoming a den member on whatever level you’d like. This is our way of giving something lasting and permanent back to you.

We appreciate the support you’ve shown over the years and having you all at our live shows. Scroll down below to see our Giving Tiers and Rewards that go with each donation. We hope you’ll join us on this fulfilling and creative path!